2DOF Flight Simulator Cockpit

I have been working on this moving ‘cockpit’ for MS Flight Sim.  It’s not done, but is starting to become real. 

It’s based on the Joyrider, but made out of aluminum as I was looking for a tig welding project.

The original Joyrider design uses a mechanical link between the seat, the frame, and a control stick to move the whole seat.  Then you attach a PC joystick to the seat, and have the joystick control the game.   My plan is to go a little bit fancier and add motors to both axes of the device, so that the PC (FSX) actually tells the seat how to move.   This kind of thing is partly what interested me about Arduino.  A physical computing platform is key to a project like this.

If you’re interested in this sort of thing, there are a lot of sites that go into more detail.  Two of my favorites:


Early photos attached.  Don’t mind the mess.